Neutron Diffraction

Characterisation Installation 4
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The cold neutron two-axis powder diffractometer is particularly well adapted for magnetic structure determination. The high acquisition rate of the multidetector allows to perform diffraction studies (structural or magnetic) as a function of external parameters (temperature, pressure…) and to follow in situ kinetic reactions or phase transitions. For more details visit:

The high resolution cold neutron two-axis powder diffractometer is dedicated to neutron powder diffraction studies of samples with primitive unit cell volume from 1000 to 8000 Å3. Typical applications deal with solid state physics, chemistry and material science (High-resolution refinements of nuclear or magnetic structures in the range 2K < T < 1300K, in complement to XRD or magnetic structure studies on G4.1). For more details visit:

The polarized neutron diffractometer is devoted to the determination of the magnetic structure factors, using an incident polarized neutron beam. it is utilized for magnetic form factor and magnetization density studies on single crystals. For more details visit:

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