The mission

NFFA•EUROPE sets out a platform to carry out comprehensive projects for multidisciplinary research at the nanoscale extending from synthesis to nanocharacterization to theory and numerical simulation.

Advanced infrastructures specialized on growth, nano-lithography, nano-characterization, theory and simulation and fine-analysis with Synchrotron, FEL and Neutron radiation sources are integrated in a multi-site combination to develop frontier research on methods for reproducible nanoscience research and to enable European and international researchers from diverse disciplines to carry out advanced proposals impacting science and innovation.

NFFA•EUROPE enables coordinated access to infrastructures on different aspects of nanoscience research that is not currently available at single specialized ones and without duplicating their specific scopes.

Approved user projects have access to the best suited instruments and support competences for performing the research, including access to analytical large scale facilities, theory and simulation and high-performance computing facilities. 

The users access includes several “installations” and is coordinated through a single entry point portal that activates an advanced user-infrastructure dialogue to build up a personalized access programme with an increasing return on science and innovation production. 

The own research activity of NFFA•EUROPE addresses key bottlenecks of nanoscience research: nanostructure traceability, protocol reproducibility, in-operando nano-manipulation and analysis, open data.

The overall offer


Transnational Access Activities (TA), performed at nano-laboratories and ALSFs, provides the opportunity to integrate theory and numerical analysis, structural and morphological characterization, electronic and chemical characterization, and magnetic, optical and electric characterization. It also provides the opportunity of accessing to stateof-the-art nanolithography / nanofabrication installation and to one installation for growth of materials, by physical and chemical methods. read more >>


Joint Research Activities (JRA) develops methods and tools at the frontier in nanoscience research and feeds back into an improved offer of the research infrastructure to carry out academic as well as industrial projects. read more >>


Networking Activity (NA) is designed and organized to foster an effective interface with the wide-ranging user communities, as well as looking ahead to make experimental data suitable for industrial exploitation. read more >>

The consortium

NFFA-EUROPE integrates 19 Partners, half of which are nano-foundries that are co-located with Analytical Large Scale facilities. read more >>

A single entry point

for proposals submission

The access management structure ensures optimized service provision to users and guarantees scientific excellence and innovation of the selected proposals as collected via a Single Entry Point (SEP) portal with the assistance of the Technical Liaison Network (TLNet). 

Data repository platform

for nanoscience

The first overarching Information and Data management Repository Platform for nanoscience, defining a metadata standard for data sharing as an open collaborative initiative within the framework of the Research Data Alliance (RDA)

Our roots

The design study of NFFA European Research Infrastructure

Contact us

Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche - Istituto Officina dei Materiali
scientific coordinator
Prof. Giorgio Rossi

How to reach us

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