Fundacio Institut Català de Nanociència i Nanotecnologia

ICN2 - official website www.icn2.cat - is an independent non-profit research organisation (with the legal status of a Private Foundation) based in Barcelona (Spain).

It is funded by the Regional government of Catalonia and the Spanish Research Council (CSIC). Its core activities are:

  • Frontier Basic and Applied Research in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Technology Transfer
  • Public Outreach.

ICN2's main research fields include:

  • Biosensing and Bioelectronics
  • Chemical Synthesis of Nanostructures
  • Materials at the Nanoscale, Microscopy (AFM, SEM, TEM, STM, etc.)
  • Nanoelectronics
  • Nanofabrication (FIB) & Nanolithography
  • Nanomagnetism
  • Phononics and Photonics
  • Theory and Simulation
  • Spectroscopy (Raman, XRD, XPS, etc.)
  • Spintronics
  • Surface Properties.

Our research involves a wide variety of materials:

  • Biomolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins, etc.)
  • arbon nanotubes
  • Graphene
  • Ferroics
  • Inorganic nanoparticles
  • Inorganic thin films
  • Metal-organic frameworks
  • Organic polymers and O/I hybrids
  • Semiconductors
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Topological insulators.

ICN2 role in NFFA Europe:

ICN2 provides access to Growth and Synthesis; Theory and Simulation; Characterisation

ICN2 contributes to Joint Research on In-Operando and high throughput methods