The Networking and Innovation activities address the construction and awareness of a comprehensive shared technical platform aiming to identify and enable the best solution to a user request, among possible access alternatives at the wide range of NFFA-Europe sites. They enhance the quality of the “one-stop shop” access provided by NFFA-Europe and maximise the impact on the  various user communities.

The backbone of the platform is the Technical Liaison Network (TLNet), a team operating across the NFFA-Europe nodes, devoted to user support, to exchange technical information.

Around this  backbone operate the complementary networking activities of dissemination, training and mobility, industrial innovation, knowledge transfer and data management.

A robust dissemination programme, reaching out to scientific and industrial communities that are less favoured in terms of easy access to research infrastructures for nanoscience, expand and enhance the services provided by NFFA-Europe.


The TLNet and industry and business development staff of the NFFA-Europe nodes are aiming to develop understanding, awareness and efficient access for industry. This is a consortium wide activity as well as enabling each node to perform its own outreach to industry in its regional eco-system. To help build the case with industry incentivised knowledge transfer allows industry experience to be built through feasibility and pilot studies on the NFFA-Europe facilities.


Training and mobility opportunities, open to young and senior scientists and technology developers from across Europe in both academia and industry are in the form of schools, specialised training materials and the opening of short term visits to NFFA-Europe facilities to gain hands-on experience.


Data management is contributing to creating a platform-wide data model to allow efficient recording and sharing of results as well as a strong contribution to building a successful open data policy for European technological platforms. read more ➤