Joint Research Activities
overcoming bottlenecks of nanoscience research

The Joint Research Activities of NFFA-Europe, by addressing bottlenecks of nanoscience research, aim to overcome them and to develop new enabling methods and tools at the frontier in nanoscience and novel services to the TA users program to carry out academic as well as industrial projects.

Five JRAs with common needs across the consortium have been identified. These concern experimental (methodological and instrumentation) and data management aspects. All of these activities impact directly on the feasibility of novel experiments and on the knowledge transfer through an innovative data management system. The JRAs are based on on-going developments by the Partners.

The chosen JRAs have high integrating potential for all of the participating partners and are of general benefit for the prospective users. The deliverables of the JRAs will be transferred to TA starting at year three of NFFA-Europe or earlier.