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General Assembly Scientific and Innovation Advisory Panel Management Team Coordinator Executive Committee Activity Manager Access Review Panel Work Package Leaders

Strategy level

General Assembly (GA)

Ultimate decision-making body of the consortium, consists of one Delegate per Partner, who may appoint a substitute.

At present, members of the General Assembly are (deputies in brackets):

CNR: Giorgio Rossi [Chairperson]
CEA: Narciso Gambacorti
CNRS: Dominique Mailly (Andrea Cattoni)
DESY: Thomas Keller (Andreas Stierle)
EPFL: Nicola Marzari (Matteo Cococcioni)
ESRF: Ennio Capria (Edward Mitchell)
FORTH: Emmanuel Stratakis (Costas Kalpouzos)
JUELICH: Flavio Carsughi (Sabine Pütter)
ICN2: Pablo Ordejon (Jordi Fraxedas)
KIT: Rainer Stotzka (Thomas Jejkal)
LU: Ivan Maximov (Anders Kvennefors)
PROMOSCIENCE: Riccardo Brancaleon
PRUAB: Juan Sangüesa 
PSI: Christian David (Yasin Ekinci)
STFC: Brian Matthews (Tom Griffin)
TUG: Heinz Amenitsch (Benedetta Marmiroli)
TUM: Friedrich Esch
UMIL: Giovanni Onida (Paolo Piseri)
UNG: Giovanni De Ninno (Barbara Ressel)

Linked Third Parties are not Members of the General Assembly but are entitled to take part in all meetings as observers.

Linked Third Parties are represented by (deputies in brackets):

SOLEIL: Rachid Belkhou
CSIC: Luis Fonseca (Xavier Obradors)
UAB: Nuria Barniol

Consortium-wide executive level

Coordinator (CO)

Legal entity that acts as intermediary between Parties and Funding Authority



Coordinator of NFFA-Europe is CNR.

Primary Coordinator Contact: Prof. Giorgio Rossi.

Executive Committee (EXC)

Executive body that manages, coordinates and supervises the implementation of the Project. Reports and is accountable to the General Assembly



The EXC is composed by the Coordinator (Chair) and the 3 Activity Managers and is supported by the Management Team.

At present, members of the Executive Committee are:

Giorgio Rossi (CNR) [Chair person]
Luis Fonseca (CSIC)
Giancarlo Panaccione (CNR)
Ennio Capria (ESRF)

consultancy level

Access Review Panel (ARP)

External independent peer review panel responsible for the selection and scientific evaluation of proposals submitted by users requesting access to the Project’s installations. The panel consists of twelve international experts in nanoscience, among whom are members representative of the facilities to ensure alignment between Panel’s and the facilities’ selection criteria




At present, members of the Access Review Panel are:

Michèle Sauvage (Chairperson), Synchrotron SOLEIL (France)
José Maria de Teresa, CSIC & Universidad de Zaragoza (Spain)
Sabrina DischUniversität zu Köln (Germany)
Artur Erbe, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (Germany)
Paulo Freitas, International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (Portugal)
Matteo Gatti, LSI - CNRS Ecole Polytechnique Palaiseau (France)
Alexej Kalabukhov, Chalmers University of Technology (Sweden)
José Angel Martin-Gago, ICMM-CSIC (Spain)
Barbara Montanari
, Scientific Computing Department, Science and Technology Facilities Council (United Kingdom)
Michele Perego, IMM-CNR (Italy)
Jacobo Santamaria, Universidad Complutense de Madrid (Spain)
Kristiaan Temst, KU Leuven (Belgium)

Scientific and Innovation Advisory Panel (SIAP)

External advisory body composed of leading international experts in the fields of Nanoscience, Research Infrastructures and Innovation. Provides informative and non-binding advice and recommendations to the Executive Committee and the General Assembly



At present, members of the Scientific and Innovation Advisory Panel are:

Luca Giannini (Pirelli Tyre S.p.A., Italy)

Rosie Hicks (Chief Executive Officer, Australian National Fabrication Facility - ANFF, Australia)

John Wood (Secretary General of the Association of Commonwealth Universities, United Kingdom)

implementation level

Activity Managers (AM)

Supervise the work of the Work Package Leaders (WPLs) and are responsible for the overall implementation of the three core activities of the Action: i.e. Transnational Access (TA), Joint Research Activities (JRA) and Networking Activities (NA).




At present, Activity Managers are:

TA-AM: Luis Fonseca (CSIC)

JRA-AM: Giancarlo Panaccione (CNR)

NA-AM: Ennio Capria (ESRF)

Work Package Leaders (WPL)

Coordinate and see that the specific activities of the TA, JRA and NA are performed in compliance with Annex 1 of the Grant Agreement.




Task Leaders (TL)

See that team members perform the specific Action Tasks.




management level

Management Team

Assists and facilitates the work of both Executive Committee and Coordinator as well as the day-by-day management of the project.




Members and specific roles are:

Project Administrator (PA): Roberta Ferranti
Coordinates the overall administration of Grant and Consortium Agreements and acts as contact person for all administrative, legal and financial communications with the Commission and the Beneficiaries.

Operation Project Manager (OPM): Cristina Africh
Monitors the day-by-day actions and takes decisions concerning the technical aspects of access, research and networking that involve the management team.

Project IPR manager (IPRPM): Roberto Gotter
Manages all IPR-related matters and coordinates the TL-NET and the Users’ Office.

Project peer-review and science communication manager (SCPM): Regina Ciancio
Science editor of the NFFA-Europe website, acts also as contact person and reference for ARP and SIAP in the management board.

Reporting Manager (RM): Elisabetta Narducci
Acts as reference person within the NFFA-Europe Management Support Team for deliverables and milestones, assisting WP Leaders and Task leaders in the preparation, validation and submission of deliverables.

Administration assistant: Augusta Cappucci
Assists in the grant administration

Project assistant: Elisabetta Travaglia
Assists in all scientific and coordination aspects

Central TLNet team: Roberto Gotter and Daniela Orani