Univerza v Novi Gorici

The University of Nova Gorica (UNG) - Official Website: http://www.ung.si - is a young (founded in 1995) and dynmical organization, which is participitating to and managing a constantly increasing number of national and international projects (more than fifty in the last five years).

UNG hosts the state-of-the-art light source CITIUS, which is based on the principle of high-order harmonics generated in gas and is operated by the team of the Laboratory of Quantum Optics. The source is part of an infrastructure.

It includes also the Laboratory for Material Research - Offical website: http://www.ung.si/en/research/materials-research-laboratory/

The Laboratory of Organic Matter Physics - Official website: http://www.ung.si/en/research/laboratory-of-organic-matter-physics/

And the Laboratory for Environmental Research - Official website: http://www.ung.si/en/research/laboratory-for-environmental-research/

UNG role in NFFA Europe:

UNG contributes to Joint Research on Time-resolved ultrafast probes on nanosystems