Università degli Studi di Milano

Università degli Studi di Milano (UMIL) is an Italian State-university and leading research institution active on a wide range of different disciplines from science to humanities.

Member of LERU (League of European Research Universities), it is the largest university in the region, with approximately 64,000 students and a teaching staff of 2000 professors. UMIL is strongly relevant for the socio-economic context of Lombardy region, one of the most dynamic and international regions in the European Union, a leader in the national economy that stands at the Italian forefront of research and development with strong investments and commitment to technological innovation.

UMIL has a strong commitment towards technology transfer, with a long-standing tradition and proven capacity through the activity of its dedicated group (UniMiTT), numerous spin-off companies and participation into high-tech SME incubator facility (Fondazione Filarete) that is participated by important financial partners and regional industry association.

UMIL role in NFFA Europe

UMIL provides access to Growth and Synthesis; Theory and Simulation